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#249275 - Just as Lina thought she had gotten far enough away from the most annoying woman she had ever known, HAHAHA, though you could get away from me did you Lina, got a juicy little job in the next town and thought you could cut out, Naga the serpent Lina was used to this kind of bolstering and just gave a muffled Hiya Naga and continued to walk down the road leaving Naga in stupefied pose. After walking down the road to Seyruun for a few hours the early morning night sky started to lift leaving bright midmorning light in there wake, they were still a good distance from seyruun when they came upon a band of men dancing around two large fire pits, with a man at each slowly rotating something over the hot fire, Lina and Naga still being a far bit away couldn’t make out what was roasting on the spits but Naga knew without having to get closer, having seen it once before and knew there were young girls roasting over those flames. Naga looked in to Lina's eye's, Well its just

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Ryouma nagare
Where that s at
I neeed more like this it is so hot