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#366455 - She wasn't wearing a bra, in fact, he could feel her erect, firm nipples, through the thin fabric of her gown, he undid the buttons of her gown, till her cleavage began to appear, he bent his head and licked the apex of her naked warm smooth breast-verge, another button went off, and another lick polished her skin, button after a button; and lick after a lick, he found himself licking the inside of her rounded deep navel, she hissed when he twisted his tongue inside her umbilicus, he raised his torso, and pulled her now-widely-opened gown apart, revealing her mango-like breasts, that were firm but juicy, plump but delicate, full but smooth, that he thought they were wrapped in a waxy capsule, but it was her skin; Her nipples were epic, full, hard, erect, grape-sized beads, resting on two wide wrinkly saucers, as if they had already been sucked just seconds ago. Horrors combined. Thereafter, only three minutes of him eating her boobs and teats, made her explode with pleasure in

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