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#93640 - This was no easy task as he had to hold on to her juicy ass as hard as he could to keep her from flailing off, screaming and moaning in pleasure. He began fucking her rapidly, faster with harder strokes each time, making her scream in ecstasy, begging him to come in her, but he would not. Then she took her other hand and fished out his dick, gasping as she felt his massive membah cook it out and slid his cock head up and down her slippery cunt, moaning and saying, “I hope you don’t mind, sexy,” with a slutty smile, mounting his cock half way with her very tight cunt and holding it there for a second in ecstasy before she slid down it all the way, slowly fucking him as she threw her leg up into his hand, and he matched her stroke for stroke, “wow, again, Ashley was right, you are good,” she moaned and whispered for him to come in her, nobody’s looking.

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