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#191651 - yyyy. Emily Hazer:i take my seat at the front of the bus fixing my skirt so it doesnt ride up on me as i check my bag to make sure everything is there as you stare at me through your mirror as the team gets on sc:You look apprehensive as I turn to look at you, you fix your skirt again as you feel my gaze fall to your thighs, you try not to look at the team as they file by you, you feel their eyes checking you out, a couple bump into you, one stops to apologize, he rests his hand on your thigh as he talks to you Emily :i turn my head to the window and look away as i can hear the rest of the team mumbling knowing its about me all of them between the agaes of 18 and 22 as the captain walks up to you and whispers something into your ear and then sits back downas you close the door and start the bus sc:I smile wickedly as we start down the road, you hear several comment directed towards you hey, cheerleader, I've got some ponpoms for you would you like to

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