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#171400 - “P-please leave me alone!” He tossed her like a rag doll onto the bed and for the first time she got a good look at him, and it made her shudder with trepidation! He was at least six feet tall and very powerfully built with wide shoulders and bulging biceps on his brawny arms! She half rolled into a fetal position as he slowly began shedding his clothing while staring at her succulent young body. She gasped loudly as his semi hard cock popped into view, and try as she might, her eyes locked on it like radar to an airplane! She groaned softly while her smoothly shaven pussy drenched her white cotton panties, and offered no resistance when he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her over to the edge of the bed! “Now, bitch!” he commanded. Her whole body was now numb as he took her by the arms and pulled her roughly to her feet! “I think I know exactly what you need!” he said with and evil laugh.

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