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#398582 - Because she has no cervix or uterus, there is now room in her pussy for the longest cock around and with the ability for a woman’s vagina to expand as it does in childbirth, my lady 's vagina will welcome the biggest of the big cocks known, even Lee's 12”x3” monster (see story - “Lee”). At the same time, the barber is making sure that the inspectors perfect cock is adequately prepared – he sucks Al's cock until it is at its maximum length and width. We look out to the west and we can see a tall, slim bronze body slowly walking our way.

Read Futa 新人をお助けするエルフさん - Original Interview 新人をお助けするエルフさん

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Shuichi tsukamoto
Try putting chocolate on it
Chiaki kurokawa
Someone needs to take my virginity please loved this hentai