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#60731 - He started to think what he could do with his powers and slowly starts to test them making him higher from 60 to 63 and back to his normal hight , he made his cock from 11 inches to 15 to test if it could work he let it go back to 11 because he didn't want to break his slaves when he pounded them as he looks at his slaves working he starts to think if it could work on them as well . It was a nice Sunday morning as James wakes up and looks down seeing his 2 slaves sleeping on his lap both covered in his cum he slowly stood up and started to make breakfast he made some scrambled eggs and bacon for all of them he set everything ready and slowly wakes them up hey girls wake up we have a lot of work to do now go and have breakfast with me he said as he started to eat and soon after the 2 girls joined him at the table . She got on her knees in front of James and looked up to him sit down Brian I want you to have a frontrow seat when I transform her into my sextoy he says w

Read Sesso A.I.U.E.O BODY Fucked Hard A.I.U.E.O BODY

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Yukina shiratori
I hope he had to clean up the mess i know i would if someone would fuck me like this
Black asian girls are so beautiful and sexy