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#280749 - Okay sis let me make this clear from now on you will be my slave you will do what I tell you without  protest if you won't do that I will have to punish you hard I said as she looked at me seeing that I was serious I wanted to make it clear that there was no escape if you even try to tell anyone or go to the police it will be the last thing you will do because if you do that I have no other choice but to kill you is that clear ? I said as she sat still but after a few seconds slowly nodded I smiled as she nodded and went in the bed pinning her down to the mattress making out with her as I rubbed her pussy getting her ready to be penetrated she didn't want to but I could feel her getting wetter by the second and sometimes a little moan comes out of her .

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Mitsuko kongou
I wish that was me fucking her
Who is this little hottie wow
Maho kazami
Ok but why does that dick look black but the rest of the body look white