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#34823 - Vincent practically begging her husband to let her suck on his pecker in return for mercy, and as their hearts were pounding they continued listening in!!! Okay, Gordon replied, but you have to suck it all the way, and I mean that you swallow every last drop, I don't want a repeat of last week when you pulled it out and let it shoot all over your breasts, do you understand me, little girl!?! Oh yes, daddy, she happily replied, I understand perfectly!!! Oh, Beth, Gordon Vincent sighed, you have a real talent there, better than anyone I've ever had!!! Even better than Cindy Wells, Beth asked with a chuckle!?! Well, I guess that I'd call that a dead heat, Gordon replied quickly, let's just say that you're both in the major leagues of cocksuckers!!! Brenda nearly collapsed when she heard that last little exchange, and with a look of total confusion she whispered, D-did you hear that, your dad acts like my mom's given him oral sex, I just

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