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Fuck Pussy Kakushitai Koto - The idolmaster Bang Bros

[OrangeMaru (雨)] かくしたいこと (アイドルマスター シャイニーカラーズ)


Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
22 pages - Uploaded
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#368848 - I know what y’all look like, and I know what squattin’ down looks like, and I know what peein’ looks like, so if I put them four things together in my head, I reckon I know what you squattin’ down to pee looks like,” and Elly said, “See Jethro, you ain’t nowhere near as silly as folks’s always sayin’. I reckoned Granny’d be right proud of me too if I went out and showed her, so I went into the kitchen with my jeans all poked out from my swoll up pecker, and I said, “Look at me Granny! I’m a man! Look how hard my pecker’s gone!” Well, I reckon Granny musta been in one of her ornery moods that day, ‘cause she took one look at me and grabbed her big black skillet, and said, “Jethro, you put that durn thing away ‘fore I hit you ‘round the head with this skillet so hard, by the time you remember what it’s good fer, you’ll be too old to use it. It means you’ve growed into a man, and you should be proud of that there pecker of yours,” and I said, “Okay Uncle Jed, next time it gets all s

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