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#102406 - My wife had enjoyed sex before we married, but seemed suddenly to turn off after that, so it was stressful to push myself to her against her wishes, and her desires were few and far between. Mae couldn’t hold herself up like that, so down she fell on the remaining few inches of a prick she had never known before: she squealed as I bottomed out, my wet pubic hair up against her buttocks, and my hands grabbing for those tits I had dreamed of! Oh, they were so full, so heavy, the nipples so big and pointy…now we were both turned on more, as she relaxed back against me, my prick full inside her, my hands caressing her mounds and my fingers her nipples, my mouth starting to gently kiss her exposed back and neck to me, nibble an ear, and begin exploring for the first time. It was a beautiful size I thought, showed her sexiness, and felt wonderful as I massaged it, and felt even more so when a gush of fluid poured out, and Mae fell back onto me even further while bouncing her hips and clen

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Arata sagimori
Sexy girl
Your gorgeous but your too focused on the camera and not the cock you need to worship that dick and bot worry about the camera