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#10857 - On the Thursday i went shopping and as I looked at the carrots for the right shape I looked over at the cucumbers and just felt myself redden thinking about sliding one up between my lips, I got two large carrots and a cucumber that was slim one end but thick the other, the rest of the shopping was done in a daze and I just wanted to get my little friends home, unfortunately when I did get home Geoff called to say he was on his way home. Damn shit, but then I realised I was home alone all day Saturday and Saturday night, and so I told him that I was going into the city up the road to get him something special for Sunday, but realy I knew it was me that intended to get lots of nice cock sized presents from whom ever wanted to fuck any of my holes and I had all night to get lots. I opened my eyes and realised that I had fallen asleep right where I was the cucumber was still embedded in my now sore pussy and as I carefully pulled it out I spasmed another small orgasm making my legs

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She sure changes hats a lot