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#391489 - When Kurt started to cum I watched how his balls tightened and got smaller as his cock blasted cum into my mother's mouth, I could see her swallowing his loads as fast as she could, she had cum trying to squeeze out from the sides of her mouth, I watched some cum drip out from her nose, he must of have really filled her mouth with everything he had, my mother gulped and swallowed a few more times before Kurt slipped his cock out of my mother's mouth. I couldn't help myself as I kept stroking my cock I stood up and walked down the hallway and looked into my mother's bedroom. As I continued to suck and lick the cum from my mother's cunt, Kurt told me to go ahead and fuck my mother, let me see you fucking her, he told me.

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Lady rainicorn
Looks like my last sugar daddy
Why is this so funny lol