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#349698 - One night after mom had finished off a half pint of Hennesey, I walked into her room to check on her, she was out like a light,sleeping on her belly I was curious, so I pulled her sheets back to look at that fabulous ass, a look not being enough I reached down, and I touched her ass, my legs were trembling by then, she was so drunk she did not even stir. my story begins when I was 21 and my mom was 40 years of age, she was always beautiful, with a youthful appearance, and an ass so sexy, all of my friends would tell me just how much they would love to fuck my mother. Since here I am faceless, I will share the activities of my family.

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Ryo hibiki
At first it was hot but then let s just say she should shut the fuck up
Nue houjuu
But did you get golden knife tho