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#377762 - When they arrived there, the teacher was sitting at her desk correcting papers, but she didn't seem the least bit surprised to see Tommy and Becky enter the room, even though classes had been over for over half an hour. Soon the young brunette was thrusting her pelvis hard into Miss Arnold's open mouth, while trying desperately to keep the slippery tongue in contact with her throbbing clit! After a few more minutes of Miss Arnold's oral attention, Becky's vagina spasmed hard and released a shattering orgasm that raced through her entire body! Miss Arnold sat up and looked at Tommy, her face dripping with Becky's love juice, and Tommy said, Nice job cunt, now kiss her on the mouth hard!!! Miss Arnold leaned up with her mouth open and French kissed the shaking girl, while probing her mouth with her tongue. Isn't he married, asked Tommy? Yes, came her reply.


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