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#177829 - Immediately glad that he did as he a good look at her big ass that he probably could have stood on, straining at her denim shorts, he guessed that she was 6'2, had a short ponytail and a few generic tattoos on her arms which looked as strong as they felt and were shown off well by her wifebeater. He was 20 years old 5'4 and Asian, didn't have a visible ounce of muscle on his body but wasn't fat either, he had a slight softness to him from an indoorsy childhood and a job as a software engineer now. It felt like she had just pulled the rug out from under him, this was probably his most emasculating experience to date, much more so than being called a fag or having men squeeze his ass, those experiences swirled together with the confused excitement everything that was happening was giving him though.

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