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#93347 - ‘ oh my god I never had such an orgasm before’ I said ‘ heeeeheee hope u like it coz we r not done yet’ she moved up and went close to me and ordered me to lick her face and kiss her too, I did like some kind of good dog I started to lick her face tasting my juices then I kissed her like some kind of gentleman from the middle ages swapping my cum between our mouthes, while her hand were at my pussy, my sensitive pussy rubbing my swollen clit and my puffy lips. She started to lick on my pussy lips, they were soo puffy and swollen and juicy, her tongue started to explore the area, and ohh my god she found my clit right away like some kind of a pussy sucker pro. I finally got to open her shirt and to my surprise she wasn’t wearing any bra.

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