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#278239 - Not to brag but apparently I am really smart along with three guys and ten other girls me being included with the guys, I try to remember all of their names but its hard enough to just remember one for me and/ that name is mine which is jack or Joe maybe Jones but ill go with jak cause its easy to remember and also its the name of a favorite video game of mine. When I finish my quiz I look over at Alison and Ms. As she talks my eyes start to wonder over her amazing and beautiful body then my eyes roam over her body as I take notes then I look at her beautiful dark brown eyes and her long wavy brown hair and those kissable lips of hers plus she is eighteen which also means she is really smart then she sees that I am staring at her “do you see something you like Mr jak?” before I even think about it I say “just you” then I realize what I said and I start blushing she blushes as well “well jak I thank you for your compliment….

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