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#81382 - Yes I said prey you cant be hunters without something to hunt now can you? he asked not expecting a response then laughed, Well at the moment 40 girls like you are going though the process of readying them for the hunt, the chips in their cunt tags are being altered to link two of them to each one of you, meaning that each one of you will have to hunt down and kill two of them in order for you to survive the game and claim your exemption status he said and then walked over to a funny looking bumper car. Ok now listen up girls the man in white started talking, I’ve altered your cunt tags so that the two of you are linked to your specific hunters tag only she can kill either of you, if you avoid her you will win and be released, any questions? he said looking into their eyes as Stacey raised her hand, What do you mean her? Our hunter is a woman? she asked the man with a look of confusion. One of the men pointed Jessica to a seat and handed her a wet white cloth, Jessica

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Shizuno takakamo
This is so fucking hot please make more
Cindy aurum
I heard her sister is still after them dalmatians