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#411267 - Hi yes we would love to see you soon by, ½ hour later they came over I told them to make them self's comfy, I went upstairs to tell Kim she started to giggle I told her to ware something short as I squeezes her Pusse lips I went back down stairs and got Bev a gin & tonic and a coke for Helen, Kim came down wearing a pair of shorts that were so tight you would swear she spayed them on and a top just under her little breasts, I could have fucked her there and then if it wasn’t for Bev and Helen o dad can I have a little wine please, as you did pass your exams this week, is it ok with you Bev, of course it Kevin it won’t do any harm a little wine ,mum can I have one please, if Kevin doesn't mind, no probes. After we had our sleep I spoke to Kim about her uncle Tony; I asked how it all stated, she said when I was 8 you used to go to Europe a lot on business, yes I remember that, one week you were away uncle tony came over we were watching TV one night at about 9pm I said was goi

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