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#295239 - Maggie had been hearing mouth sounds not her own and looked over her shoulder from Gretchen’s crotch to see Eleanor & Bridget taking turns deep-throating their father about as well as could be expected of beginners: gagging at 7 inches, then retreating back to the top 3 and sucking hard, then descending again, choking, and then letting the other have another go at it. Gretchen lay back onto the cushions, one knee up and the other less-so & askew, her body propped as if she were at rest with a good book; Maggie lay flat on her tummy, her face nestled close between her daughter’s spread legs and they arranged their hair behind their ears and said things between them only they could hear and giggled some more and generally did nothing – Maggie’s head up close and her hand firm on Gretchen’s thigh, high and inside, either holding her open or holding her off – neither of them sure of when to begin. Bridget began un-packaging the synthetic cock – she could have been only unfoldin

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