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#77910 - Her vulva was hot and it tantalized the tip of my member, I pushed slowly inward, huge as she was I was larger, it was tight, I watched as the mouth of her vulva stretch over the head of my member, I expected her to scream in pain but instead she merely moaned in pain, her moan was too soft for anyone to hear if there was anyone to hear, she tried to get away but I held her in place, a easy thing to do since her head was already against one wall and the elevator was too small for her to lay flat. But no, she didn't care, she stayed to flaunt her fabulous body, she came and teased him with all her charms, shit, she saw the look of lust he gave her, she saw his hungry eyes devour her body, she saw his fist clench in an attempt to control himself, she saw the sudden rise at his crotch, but did it stop her? Noo.

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Yui ohtsuki
I wanna see a gal strapped down and that g spot attachment used on her plus the womanizer clit sucking vibrator for about an hour ladies could u handle that
Teru tendo
Grazie tesoro
Urie sogami
Was good one