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Brazilian Renzoku Kyousha Challenge Couples

[色仕掛けまとめブログ (黒川おとぎ)] 連続狭射チャレンジ (パイズリ専門雑誌『絶対乳挟射』Vol1) [英訳]


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#350136 - This continues from part 1 of this series “I Don’t Want The World, I Want You!” so if you haven’t read that yet, I recommend that you do before reading this. “Oh alright! Don’t rub it in!” Adam remarked shyly. “Oooohh yeahhh!!!” Harry moaned in ecstasy as he felt a wave of hot, slippery saliva drip slowly down his cock when Adam’s lips slid off of him and gasped quickly for air before getting immediately back to work.

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