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#356221 - I know the characters didn’t really show emotion in the last chapter but I did that on purpose because how else are you supposed to act in a room full of mind controlled women I mean its not like your gonna start hitting on them or something cause there already controlled. I fell to my knees the sickness pulsing through me. ” “I see, well anyways how are you making money to live by yourself?” “oh that’s easy I always buy the winning lottery tickets” “ you wha-?” “i can see the future so I can see what ticket will win and which one will not so I always buy the ticket that wins” “but your not 18 how do you buy a ticket” “ originally I had a homeless man buy them for me and then I gave him part of my winnings so now he's not so homeless anymore but he still helps me buy them and in return I give him my winnings” I was starting to become less and less surprised every time she opened her mouth because every time she did she would tell me these amazing things.

Read Caseiro Estrus Testing Kanako's Body Evolution Program Foot Worship Estrus Testing Kanako's Body Evolution Program

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