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#72661 - THE BIRTH OF A PRINCESS As the sun slowly sets, she will awaken She looks about her and her new life has her shaken She visits the mirror, not knowing the site She's never seen her skin so creamy white Bringing her fingers to her lips which have become the color of red wine She remembers her rendezvous with in the ivy vine She is taken back when she notices her fingers and nails This only happens, she thought, In stories and tales The kind with moon drenched creatures And now she bore their features That man. THAT MAN. By your beauty, I am awe struck So on it read until it was in her mind and stuck A twig cracked and she twirled 'round A man with black hair and sunken cheeks she found One thing went to another and she felt the pierce The bite that made her look so fierce She dressed herself in her normal leather and black And hunts for dinner without looking back --------January 10, 2000.

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