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#225103 - I had never imagined kissing another man, or even the closeness, but i felt different once i saw him, and i am sure him being really nice and freindly help with my decision. Well he sat down and we shook hands, and i made it clear i was so nervous that i had butterflies in my tummy and really wanted his warm semen instead, so we both had a chukkle which was sort of an ice breaker. I eventually contacted a few gay guys via other sites, and was so keen but also so nervous, as i am not actually gay, i just want sex with a guy and want to lick his balls and suck him dry and then penetrate his tight little hole and get him hard again and stroke him while i ride him gently until we both cum togethor, and then see how i feel.

Read Chupando Mesu no Saga Ch. 3-4 Asstomouth Mesu no Saga Ch. 3-4

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Ai hinatsuru
Came here for the faces stayed for the squeaks
Natsuiro matsuri
Yes id like to know as well
Sorata kanda
Awesome threesome