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#44908 - Marcus takes pictures and then tells Brent to get on the bed and to put one of her legs over his shoulder, Brent does what he's told, Marcus takes pictures and he tells Brent to put his face as close as he can to his Mothers pussy, Brent does what he's told and Anna can feel Brent's breath on her pussy. Marcus comes over and they both wait for Brent to come home from school while drinking some wine, Marcus shows Anna the photo album and while they both look at the pictures Marcus says These pictures are incredible it really does look like he's about to penetrate you , Anna says Yes, there very nice pictures, great camera angles , Marcus says Obviously there won't be any penetration but would you be ok if Brent's penis touched your vagina? , Anna says What do you mean? , Marcus says I have ideas for the next pictures I'm going to take but Brent is going to get really close to you and his penis will touch your vagina, would you be ok with that? . Things are looking really bad for A

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